Форсайт-програмування та підвищення ефективності прийняття управлінських рішень



Володимир ШЕДЯКОВ
доктор соціологічних наук, кандидат економічних наук,

Volodymyr SHEDYAKOV,
Dr. Sc. in Sociology, PhD in Economics,

Стаття формує ставлення до можливостей та оптимізації шляхів використання підходів та прийомів форсайт-програмування. Зокрема, досліджуються сутність, технології та діапазон форсайт-програмування в (пост)сучасних умовах господарювання. При цьому перспективи застосування форсайт-програмування розглядаються в комплексі заходів із соціально-економічного відродження для розвитку регіонального та муніципального рівнів кластерів. У цьому контексті розглядаються перспективні тенденції трансформації організаційної культури та управлінських відносин. Формуються висновки щодо ефективних шляхів інфраструктурного осучаснення з урахуванням технологій форсайт-програмування. Із цих позицій на макро- і макрорівнях досліджуються передумови створення продуктивної системи використання переваг устрою відкритого суспільства.

The article is shaping attitudes towards opportunities and ways to optimize the using of foresight programming approaches and techniques. In particular, in the article the nature, range and technology of foresight programming in (post) modern business environment are examined. Thus the prospects of foresight development are considered in conjunction with measures of socio-economic recovery for the development of regional and municipal level clusters. In this context promising trends transforming organizational culture and management relations are analysed. Conclusions about effective ways of modernizing infrastructure based technology of foresight programming are formed. From this perspective, the macro- and macrolevels the prerequisites of the productive system to take advantage of the device open society are investigated.
Global spread of trends and logics of development is analysed as the prerequisites and conditions of kognitariat’s society, the information age, models of postmodern, reflections of postnonclassical science, sixth technological structure and the knowledge economy. Distinguishing and support of «points of development» is lighted as a factor of uniting of cultivation environment strategy with the release of «progress enclaves» and a concentration of progress opportunities there.
So, foresight programming is studied in accordance with the ability to succeed in the new opportunities and threats, using social and economic innovation of time. In particular, complexity and concentration of decisions and actions are studied as an important precursor of foresight applications productivity. At the same time technologies of «brainstorming», «infection of development», SWOT-analysis, focus groups, scenario planning, etc. are often involved today as methodologies. Accordingly, a state of enlightenment and conveying of innovations are recorded and played back as. To produce new (and integrated in a synergistic burst) capabilities of the subconscious and consciousness at the individual and social levels, irrational and rational bases of creativity are used.
Co-operation of different quality resource and methodological bases provides opportunities of public-private partnerships when estimating the range of possible scenarios and models of development highlights horizons transformations.
Foresight programs provide intensive finding productive work in conditions of specific solutions. Accordingly, the efficiency of their application involves a balanced account of the real actors and a developable contradictions, application and implementation of protocols to achieve consensus. From this perspective, the fundamental social value of foresight – the implementation of social cohesion productive while taking advantage of networking features and flexible communications. Engaging socially significant projects, creating flexible social networks of the most active participants, updated passionaries’ creativity is regarded as one of the decisive factors in the transformation of foresight serious argument of competitive contests of cultural and civilizational worlds.
Thus, the use of foresight methodologies programming is effective in developing opportunities. If there are procedural and technological compliance, diversity and competence attracted sufficient, motivated and ready to participate in socially relevant communications expert community flexible moderatership, loyal weighing assess the situation and correct the projections for the campaign, it can be a serious factor for sustainable development.

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