GOVERNMENT ENTERPRISE “UKRSPYRT”: NEW VISTAS FOR DEVELOPMENTImport phase-out to take place: State enterprise “Ukrspyrt” launched a factory which has have been idle for 3 and a half years

SE “Ukrspyrt” has launched a factory that was on stand-by for 3.5 years. The meeting with the personnel devoted to this event was attended by the deputy Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Supply of Ukraine Olga Trofimtseva, head of Lviv Region State Administration Oleg Synyutka, the acting Director of SE “Ukrspyrt” Yuriy Luchechko, heads of Lviv Region Place of Business and the head of Velykyi Liublin Place of Business.

The production operation at the Velykyi Liublin Place of Business was restored and the course was set for re-engineering of business process to mixtures of odorous substances.

Renewal of capacities of the enterprise was implemented in the framework of strategic development plan of SE “Ukrspyrt” in Lviv region in accordance with the memorandum between Lviv Region State Administration and SE “Ukrspyrt” signed on 9 February 2018.

Modernization shall take place in two stages and will envisage:
1) installation of electronic accounting for alcohol-containing substances and equipment for production of odorous substance mixtures for perfumery industry;
2) replacement of distiller, installation of the boiler operating on alternative fuels and equipment for fermentation residue conversion (dreg).

The management of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food Supply of Ukraine and Lviv Region State Administration highly value the results of modernization. The Deputy Minister of agricultural policy and food supply of Ukraine Olga Trofimtseva:”This may be the beginning of a very positive history in production of great Ukrainian perfumes”. The head of Lviv Region State Administration Oleg Synyutka: “It is the example of how to restore production and make money here, in Ukraine, close to home”.

For the first time in recent years the place of business has received a plan of integrated modernization, directed at diversification and import substitution. The odorous alcohol-containing mixtures will be produced for Ukrainian manufacturers of perfumery products, and that is over 120 enterprises.

Thus, in 2017 domestic enterprises have imported in Ukraine close to 2 million decalitres of alcohol for chemical, perfumery and food industry. For comparison: SE “Ukrspyrt” in 2017 has produced about 8 million decalitres of alcohol.

Summarizing the results of the business meeting, the acting Director of SE “Ukrspyrt” Yuriy Luchechko noted that the enterprise furthermore will keep up with the course to modernization and production of the new types of goods and announced the upcoming renewal of the other places of business.

For the first time in 12 years, Ternopil Region has resumed alcohol exports to Turkey

Ternopil Region has started to export alcohol to Turkey again. For the first time since 2006 the Turkish company is buying alcohol from Kovalivka Place of Business which is in Monastyrshchyna District.

“10 tank vehicles have arrived that take for export 32 thousand dal of alcohol (1 dal equals 10 litres), - said the head of Kovalivka Place of Business of SE “Ukrspyrt” Andriy Chorba. – The vehicles will set off to Odesa from where they will sail off by ferry to Turkey. In the future we are very hopeful to maintain strong cooperation with ours Turkish partners”.

Kovalivka Place of Business – is one of the most powerful factories in the region. It is producing 2 thousand decalitres of alcohol per day. Almost 90% of alcohol is sent for export. The main partners are Hungary, Poland and Georgia. Besides that, the business provides work places to local citizen and population of the surrounding villages. In general over 100 people are working at the alcohol factory.

That’s exactly why it is important to develop the potential Ternopil region has in alcohol and vodka production sphere, because as said by the head the regional state administration Stepan Barna there are 11 alcohol factories in the region of which only 4 are operating.

“We need to design a common strategy in order to move in one direction, after all alcohol industry is very important as it does not only shape the budget of the state but also the budget of the region. And back in the day the alcohol industry was giving about 20% of its own revenues to Ternopil region”.

“That’s why we clearly persist that the factories that are ready and capable to produce high quality, competitive alcohols should further preserve their professional orientation on production of food-grade alcohol. The second category of factories that already cannot produce high quality alcohol have to be re-engineered to the production of bioethanol. And this issue needs to be tackled on the state level, and we are working on it”, - emphasized Stepan Barna.


State enterprise “Ukrspyrt” launched a chain of national alcoholic beverages stores “Natsional'nyi product”

The chain was opened in accordance with the approved enterprise strategic development plan. The events on the occasion of the opening have taken place in the city of Kyiv in the “Mega City” Trade Center at 19 Kharkiv highway. 4 other stores of the chain “Natsional'nyi product” were opened on the same day at the addresses: 19 Stetsenko Str., 9 Yerevanska Str., 18a Kudryashov Str., 2v Mykilsko-Slobidska Str.

The enterprise is planning to expand the chain to the entire territory of Ukraine shortly. In November-December 2017 the production of domestic vodka was relaunched at Lutsk Place of Business. Currently this vodka has appeared on the shelves of stores and is exported to Germany.

The major goal is to restore the trust in domestic brands, to provide the customer with quality, guaranteed by the state. “Natsional'nyi product” stores will carry the products of over 150 local brands of guaranteed highest quality, including the local production of Lutsk Place of Business.

The acting Director of SE “Ukrspyrt” Yuriy Luchechko said: “These consistent steps we are taking from September 2017 evidence that the enterprise shows positive dynamics towards growth and popularization of the local brands and restoration of trust in the local production. It is our initiative, it is our contribution in development of Ukrainian industry”.

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